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About Us

I am Muhammad Waqas Ahsan MPhil Scholar, the founder of this blogging site MyTipsPoint. I started blogging in 2017 from blogspot.com. Writing blogs and getting traffic seemed very much difficult for me. With the time I learned blogging and SEO (search engine optimization). I am the founder of this site MyTipsPoint and work with my younger brother  Habib-ur-Rehman (SEO expert) for writing blog. This site is all about the importance and issues of health and fitness, ways to improve health and fitness, exercise, diet plans, nutrition, supplements and many more. It also contains tips and tricks for being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and fit.

This pic is about M. Waqas Ahsan who is the founder of MyTipsPoint.
M. Waqas Ahsan

I developed MyTipsPoint in August 2020 and started to share information about improving health and fitness, exercise, diet plans, nutrition, weight loss tips, supplements, health issues and many more. I feel honour that you are curious about MyTipsPoint and click on the ‘About’ page for getting information about this site.

Health and fitness are the top trending issues of modern days. Everyone wants to have good health and fitness but they can’t manage their time to do workout and exercises which makes them healthy and fit. They also don’t know about the effect of diet on their health and fitness. That’s why I created this website for providing valuable information about health and fitness, physical activities like exercise and workouts, diet plans, calories intake, weight loss tips, supplements, health issues and many more.

We will try our best to improve the site performance and update information with time. So, our readers get advanced information about health and fitness. It’s our first priority to provide useful information and solution to our reader.

We are working hard to make it possible that our information should be helpful for our readers to manage their physical activities, diet plans, resting or sleeping periods. So that they enjoy health and fitness benefits and get rid of obesity. Obesity is the root of many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, digestive and respiratory problems etc. The risk of these diseases reduces if you get rid of obesity.

Our Work

Our work is all about health and fitness tips and tricks. You can get information about the following topics which will be very much helpful for maintaining health and fitness.

  1. Importance of Health and Fitness
  2. Physical Health and Fitness
  3. Mental Health
  4. Emotional Health
  5. Healthy LifeStyle
  6. Physical Activities
  7. Healthy Diet
  8. Diet Plans
  9. Weight Loss Tips and Tricks
  10. Nutrition
  11. Supplements
  12. Health issues

For getting information about health and fitness regularly visit MyTipsPoint. Moreover, you should also get information about us from social media sites.

For any question or query feel free to contact us through contact us page. We will try to answer your questions as early as possible.