For being healthy and fit you should lose your weight if you are obese or overweight.


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Lose weight for health and fitness

Everyone wants to lose weight for having good body shape and an active lifestyle. One of the common health issues is overweight or obesity. Being, overweight means that you have more body fat than the normal fat. The most common issue of overweight is due to excess eating of food or eating unhealthy food and an inactive lifestyle.

In fact, fat is necessary for the normal function of a healthy body including hormonal functions, immune and reproductive system. Fat also provide thermal insulation, shock absorption and energy for many body functions. If fat increases from normal level then it can harm normal body functions and change the shape the body.

Causes of Overweight

Overweight or obesity may occur due to metabolic, hormonal or genetic problems. The major reason for weight gain is taking more calories than the required calories which you consumed through daily activities and workout. If you eat energy-rich food which is high in sugars or fat and having an inactive lifestyle then these calories are not consumed and increase the risk of obesity.

Hence, you can lose your excess weight by changing your dietary and physical activity patterns. Therefore, eat a healthy diet which is low in carbohydrate and fat, rich in protein and nutrients. You should also perform physical activities like exercise and workout at least 30 minutes a day.

Effects of being overweight

Overweight or obesity increases the risk of many diseases like:

  1. Stress and depression
  2. High blood pressure
  3. High cholesterol level
  4. Heart attacks
  5. Heart failure
  6. Strokes
  7. Respiratory problems such as trouble in breathing
  8. Digestive problems such as heartburn, liver and gallbladder diseases
  9. Diabetes type 2
  10. Osteoarthritis
  11. Sleep apnea
  12. Breast cancer
  13. Prostate cancer
  14. Ovarian cancer
  15. Liver cancer
  16. Gallbladder cancer
  17. Colon cancer
  18. Kidney failure
  19. Infertility
  20. Periods problem in female
  21. Erectile dysfunction in male

 So losing weight is very significant for having good health and fitness.

Ways to lose weight

Lose weight with healthy diet and proper physical activities like exercise and workouts.

Here, I will suggest simple ways to lose weight within a few days. For losing weight you do not have to feel hunger, you just need to plan wisely and switch to your plans.

For losing weight you should adopt simple steps which are given as:

Take breakfast regularly to lose weight

You should take your breakfast regularly because it is the most important meal of the day. Cereal in breakfast provides you with essential nutrients and boost up your metabolism. So, skipping your breakfast didn’t help you to lose weight.

Do not skip your meal

Do not skip your meal because it is not a good idea for losing weight. You should decrease the amount of calories intake and increase the burning of calories through physical activities. If you skip your meals then you will miss essential nutrients which affect your metabolism and result in fatigue and laziness.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable

If you want to lose weight then you should eat vegetables and fruits because these are low in fat and calories, and high in fibres. These are essential ingredients which are responsible for successful weight loss. Fruits and vegetables also provide you with minerals and vitamins.

Eat a high fibre food

Fibre-rich food is very much essential for losing weight because fibres reduce the movement of food through the gut which makes you feel full for a long time. Although soluble fibres will control the appetite by regulating the appetite hormones. In fact, these fibres reduce the production of hunger hormones (like ghrelin) and increase the production of hormones which make you feel full (like GLP-1, cholecystokinin and peptide YY).

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for the normal activities of our body. Many researchers suggested that hydrated body works efficiently form thinking to burn fat. Water cannot lose weight but it can help for losing weight in many ways. It may reduce your hunger, improves your metabolism and make physical activities easier and highly effective. So, that’s why you should drink at least 2-3litres of water in a day.  

Avoid junk foods

Junk food is not good for health and eating it may cause overweight or obese. So, if you want to lose weight then you should avoid it. Junk food also causes many health issues like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglyceride level, diabetes and many more.

Drink Lemon Water

Start your day with lemon water because it is an outstanding drink for losing weight. It helps your body get the nutrients it needs to burn fat into energy and stop weight gain. After losing weight you should make sure to retain drinking lemon juice to keep your new weight.

Drink Apple Cider

Drink apple cider vinegar because it has acetic acid which is good for losing weight. It stops body fats from building up. It also helps your body to take in nutrients from the food you eat, treats digestive issues and also fights infections. Mix one to two teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it once a day in the evening.

Use Green tea (Effective to lose weight)

Replace your tea or coffee with green tea. Green tea is another good idea for weight loss. Big range of antioxidants is present in green tea which helps the body to breakdown foods and helps in losing weight. The green tea is also very good for burning fat because it is free from fat cells. You should take three to four cups of green tea a day.

Regular physical activity

If you really want to lose weight in a healthy way, there is no way to escape from regular exercise and physical activity. Doing a mix of mild and hard physical activity will help you to lose weight and control your weight. Exercise also helps lessen stress, raise your energy mood and sleep quality. It lowers the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart diseases and some type of cancers.

A healthy diet for weight lose

Always eat a healthy diet which has low carbohydrates content such as meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs etc. The recommended carbohydrates content for losing weight is 50-150 g per day. A healthy and low-calorie diet is a very important part of a good weight loss plan. The normal calories intake for a male is 2500 and for females is 2000. If you want to lose weight then you should eat 1500-2000 calories (Male) or 1000-1500 calories (female) in a day.

Simple tips to lose weight

Your food plan should be consist of following tips:

  1. Eat only when you feel hunger.
  2. Eat a small portion of foods.
  3. Divide eating into 5 to 6 times a day.
  4. Don not drinks canned juices.
  5. Drink fresh juices of vegetables and fruits.
  6. Stay away from spicy and fried food.
  7. Do not take in too much sugar and salt.
  8. Eat more fibre and proteins but fewer carbohydrates.
  9. Use coconut oil in your diet, it is easy to digest and good for your health.
  10. Drink two to three-litre water daily.
  11. Avoid drinking cold water.
  12. Eat more protein, vegetables and fats.
  13. Added watermelon in your daily food.
  14. Added more protein in your breakfast.
  15. Eat food which is rich in iron.
  16. Replace tea or coffee with green tea.
  17. Eat food which is rich in fibres.
  18. Avoid eating spicy food.
  19. Eat food which is full of protein.
  20. Regular physical activities are very necessary for losing and maintaining weight.


Overweight or obesity can cause many effects on health and fitness. Due to overweight, people may face cardiovascular diseases, digestive and respiratory problems, and many more. That’s why everyone wants to maintain their body weight but they do not know about the exact way to lose weight. In this article, I explained many ways to lose weight. You should follow a proper diet and eat healthy food. Do not skip your breakfast and add more protein in it. Drink lemon water before starting your day because it increases the fat-burning process. Moreover, fibre-rich food, protein, apple cider, fruits, vegetables, green tea, water and physical activity are very much significant for losing weight.

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