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This page is all about health and fitness, its importance, diet plans, nutrition, exercises and health issues. By reading articles on this page you can take an idea of being healthy and fit.

Health and Fitness means that you are physically, mentally and emotionally fit and healthy. On this page you will learn about importance of health and fitness and ways to improve them.

Importance of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness are the top trending issues of today. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. Without them, you can’t enjoy your life. Health and fitness associated with Physical, mental and emotional health and well being.

Being healthy means that you should be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and fit. Physical health, mental health and emotional health are dependent upon each other. If you face problem in physical health than you can’t have good mental and emotional health and vice versa.

Types of Health and Fitness

Physical Health

Physical health means that your body can do proper work without facing laziness, fatigue and any health issues.

Mental Health

Mental health is associated with psychological, emotional and social well- being. It controls our feeling, thinking’s, way of action, stress handling, positive attitude and awareness of health benefits.

Emotional Health

Emotional health enables the person to consent and accomplish their feelings which arouse due to change or some challenge. An emotionally healthy person can allow its emotions to be digestible. It is very much significant for being healthy, fit, happy and successful in your life.

Ways to become Healthy and Fit

For being healthy and fit you should follow the following tips.

  • Walking: for being healthy and fit, you should walk at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Jogging: It is necessary for burning calories, building stamina and muscles endurance.
  • Running: For reducing weight and get rid of obesity you should run at least 2 kilometres on daily basis.
  • Exercise: Indoor and outdoor exercises also have great benefits for making you healthy and fit. Cardio exercise improves your circulatory, respiratory, immune and digestive system and also helps to control your body weight. While weight lifting makes the shape of your body.
  • Proper diet: It is rightly said that your health depends upon what you eat. If you eat well then you enjoy good health but if your diet is not proper then you face many health issues.
  • Avoid Junk food and beverages: You should avoid junk foods and beverages because they harm your body.
  • Optimum Calories intake: You should know about your calories intake. Your calories intake should be from 1500- 2500 (Male) or 1000-2000 (Female).
  • Positive attitude: you should have a positive attitude and thinking because it is very necessary for enjoying good health and fitness.

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