Physical health is necessary for overall health and fitness. Physical health is based on three factors i.e. Physical activity, Nutrition and adequate Sleep.


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Physical Health

Physical health and fitness enable the body to work properly without laziness or exhaustion. It is very much important for overall health because it has a direct relationship with mental and emotional health. 

Therefore, you should maintain your physical health by consistent workout and exercise, a healthy diet with proper nutrition and suitable rest. If you didn’t maintain your physical health then you should take medical consultation and treatment.

In fact, physical fitness is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle which reduces the risk of diseases and it can maintain the muscles endurance, stamina, flexibility, and body structure, cardiovascular and respiratory functions.

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Importance of Physical Health

For maintaining physical health, proper workout or exercise is very much significant. These activities are necessary for everyone because it can boost their overall health and decreases the risk of many diseases like diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2), heart disease, strokes, digestive problems, respiratory disease and cancer. Moreover, physical activities can improve the quality of life, enhances good health and makes you active in your work. 

In fact, physical health and fitness are necessary for improving the quality and standard of life. It is necessary for overall health because it is associated with mental and emotional health. If you didn’t have physical health then your mental health and emotional health are also affected. Therefore, for maintaining mental and emotional health, you should be physically active and fit.

Moreover, physical fitness is also necessary for managing depression or stress. It is because when you perform physical activity your body generates more stress hormone i.e. cortisol which controls the stressful condition. The stress hormone lowers stress and turns your mood happy.

Factors effects on Physical Health and Fitness

Proper workout

Proper and regular workout is necessary for increasing the magnitude of physical fitness and wellness. 

Exercise consistency

Physical fitness level is depending upon the consistency and strength of exercises. Fitness level is boosted by proper and regular exercise.

Easing and rest

After physical activity, exercise or workout, your body needs some time for relaxation. Because physical activity relaxed and recovered your muscles.

Balanced diet

For physical fitness and health, a proper and balanced diet is necessary. Because a balanced diet provides you with proper nutrition, energy and vitality. It is rightly said that our body is what we eat.


Sickness or illness creates negative effects on physical fitness. Illness or sickness consists of both injuries and diseases. You ensure preventive measure to avoid injuries and diseases for enjoying the benefits of health and fitness.

Hygienic environment

In fact, for good health and fitness, your environment should be clean and hygienic. The polluted and unhygienic environment produces negative effects on health and physical fitness.


Meanwhile, it is observed that physical fitness is greatly affected by age. With the passage of age physical fitness is reduced. So, if you want to maintain your fitness level you should do a proper workout on regular basis. 


If you want to enjoy good health and fitness than you should have a healthy lifestyle because it promoted better health and fitness.

Ways to Improve Physical Health

You can improve your Physical fitness with the help of the following ways.

  1. Regular Physical Activity (Exercise/workout)
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Rest or sleeping

1. Regular physical activity for physical health

This pic shows the Importance of Physical activity for improving physical health. Physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cognitive decline. Physical fitness strengthens the bones and muscles, improves sleep and energy levels.All of these factors are necessary for physical health as well as overall health and fitness.

In fact, regular physical activity can make your body fit and healthy. It is also necessary for boosting your metabolism, improving the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system. The risk of depressions and stressful conditions are also improved by regular physical activities like indoor or outdoor exercises and workout. You can perform an indoor exercise with the help of machines like treadmills, inclined machine, stepper, rider bike, and dumbbells and by weight lifting

Outdoor physical activities include cricket, football, tennis, running and hockey. These games make your body fit and enhance your social life.

Advantages of regular Physical activity

Regular physical activity can:

  1. Makes you active.
  2. Makes you fit and healthy. 
  3. Reduce your weight.
  4. Lower your LDL cholesterol level.
  5. Increase your HDL cholesterol level. 
  6. Maintain your blood pressure. 
  7. Decreases the chances of heart attack, heart failure or stroke. 
  8. Reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus.
  9. Lower the risk of cancer.
  10. Improves your digestive system.
  11. Makes your muscles, bones and joints stronger. 
  12. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis. 
  13. Increase your muscles endurance, stamina and elasticity.
  14. Improve the quality of life.
  15. Makes you energetic.
  16. Enjoy better sleep. 

Consequently, many studies showed that physical activity and exercise can help to reduce the risk of stress and depression. Because it can:

  1. Shield negative thinking that diverts you from daily works.
  2. Enhance your social contact.
  3. Good fitness level enhances positivity and makes you happy.
  4. Increases the release of many chemicals like endorphin, serotonin and stress hormone. Endorphin hormone is a pain reliever and happiness promoter. Serotonin controls your mood, hunger, digestion, emotions and sleep. Stress hormone enables your body to deal with stressful conations.

2. Healthy Diet for physical health and fitness

For physical fitness and health, you should eat healthy food because your body is what you eat. So, it is significant to eat a healthy diet which shows healthful effects on your body. Hence, reduce your carbohydrate intake, avoid sugary drinks, take more protein, eat fibrous and nutrients rich food. You can fulfil protein requirements by eating pulses, beans, lentils, poultry, meat or fish. For fibres, you should eat vegetables (broccoli, carrot, peas, beans and pulses) and fruits (berries, oranges and pears). You can fulfil nutrients requirement by eating kale, liver, potatoes, blueberries, fishes, egg yolk and dark chocolate.

If your protein, fibres and nutrients rudiments are not fulfilled by your diet then you take protein, fibre or nutrient supplements.

 In fact, a healthy diet can reduce the risk of many diseases like:

1. Heart attack

2. Heart failure

3. Strokes

4. Diabetes

5. Digestive problems

6. Constipation

7. High blood pressure

8. Higher cholesterol level and Triglyceride 

9. Obesity

10. Respiratory disorders

Rest or Sleeping

It seems very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of a busy life. You should manage your time for exercise and rest. Rest or sleeping is a necessary component for maintaining your physical fitness. It is because after a workout your body and muscles need some time to recover and manage the stress of the whole day. Therefore, you should need 7 to 8 hours for sleeping in a day and if you didn’t manage your time for sleeping you face many problems like stress, fatigue, lack of muscles strength and stamina.

As well as, sleeping helps to boost your energy level, heal your muscles tissues, activates the discharge of hormones that affect hunger and growth. If you didn’t get quality sleeping, then you feel laziness, restlessness, stress and lack of concentration in your work. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, depression and headaches. Oversleeping also causes many problems so you should need optimum sleep which is no more than suggested hours.


Physical health is very much important for overall health because it has a direct relationship with emotional and mental health. So, without physical health, you can’t enjoy the benefits of health and fitness. Therefore, proper exercise, balanced diet and adequate rest or sleep will maintain physical health and fitness. It is because exercise will make you physically fit and healthy, balanced diet gives you many health benefits, and an adequate amount of sleep will recover your body after a workout.
Physical fitness is significant for maintaining a healthy lifestyle because it reduces the risk of many diseases like heart attack, heart failure, strokes, respiratory illness, digestive problems, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, muscles fatigue, etc. Moreover, physical activity can improve the muscles strength, stamina, flexibility, body structure, cardiovascular functions, digestive functions, respiratory functions, immune system and sleeping process.

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