walking, jogging or running are very necessary for health and physical fitness.


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Health and Physical Fitness

Health and Fitness are the great gift of Allah Almighty because it is essential for human pleasure and comfort. If you want to stay healthy you should do regular exercise and take proper nutrition. Because both exercise and nutrition can help to prevent variety of diseases such as obesity, heart attacks, strokes, paralysis and fall risk of behaviors. If you can’t do exercises or don’t have so much time for doing workout then you can simply keep your body healthy by doing 30-40 minutes regular walk, jogging or running. Usually, these activities are considered as outdoor activities but modern days these can by perform indoor by using simple machines such as treadmills.

Impact of Walk on Health

Walking is a great way to maintain or improve your physical fitness and health. Every day, 30-40 minutes walking can boost your cardiovascular fitness, reduce excess body fat (Obesity), strengthen bones and enhance muscle power and strength. Walking is very important because it can prevent you from obesity, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Outdoor walking doesn’t require any training or equipment and totally. But if you want to do walk in your home or at gym then you should require Treadmill. It is electrical equipment at which you can walk on different speeds (1 km/h, 2km/h, 3km/h, 4 km/h, 5 km/h, 6 km/h, 7 km/h) according to your fitness and speed. There are different types of treadmills which are available in market or you can buy them online.

Walking can be done at any time, at any place or at your home (on treadmill) because it is very easy, low impact and requires insignificant equipment. As compared to other exercises walking is also a great form of physical activity for people who are elderly, overweight, or who can’t do exercise easily.

Walking for fitness and fun is not restricted to wandering around local community streets. There are various venues, clubs and strategies by which you can make walking pleasurable and social part of your lifestyle.

Benefits of Walk for Health

Walking is a weight bearing exercise because in this exercise you carry your own body weight. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved pulmonary and cardiovascular (lung and heart) fitness
  • Prevent from stroke and heart disease
  • Improved high blood pressure (hypertension), high triglycerides, high cholesterol, muscular and joint pain or stiffness, and diabetes
  • Increase bones and muscles strength and improved balance
  • Reduced body fat.

Spare 30 minutes for Walking a day

Outdoor walking sometimes becomes boring when you walk alone. For outdoor walking you need a partner for talking and cheering up for making walk pleasurable. To avoid this kind of situation when you didn’t have a partner for walk, I recommended you to manage indoor walk by using treadmill. You can purchase good quality treadmills on clicking the following button.

Track your steps by wearing a Pedometer while walking

A pedometer is device which measures the steps that you take in the whole day. This device enables you to measure your movements in the whole day and compare with other days or recommended values. This motivates you to take more number of steps in each day. The number of steps recommended for achieving health benefits or improving fitness is 10,000 to 12,000 steps or more.

Shoes for walking

Walking is effective form of low-cost exercise. But, the wrong type of walking action or shoe can cause shin or foot pain, injuries and swellings to soft tissue. It is necessary to make sure that your shoes are soft, comfortable having proper arch and heel supports. You should buy light, easy steps shoes and make sure that your heel touches down before your toes.

Importance of Jogging and Running

Running and Jogging is a standard form of physical activity. Jogging means that running at a speed of less than 8 km per hour and running means that run at a pace of more than 8 km per hour. Both jogging and running have significant health benefits for those who want to improve their health and fitness. Jogging and Running both are outdoor as well as indoor activities. In outdoor activity you can do walk, jogging or running in play grounds, tracks or in walking places. But as an indoor activity you can do jogging or running on treadmills. There are many treadmills available in markets or online stores which have many specific features including LCD, Music system, speedometer and inclined nature. You can check price and buy these treadmill by clicking on the on the machines.

Health and Fitness benefits of Jogging and Running

Regular walk, jogging or running offers many health benefits. Both can:

  • makes stronger bones, because these are weight bearing exercises
  • give strength to muscles
  • improve pulmonary and cardiovascular fitness
  • consumes plenty of calories
  • help to maintain a healthy weight

Jogging versus Running

Jogging and running are aerobic forms of exercise which means that both are required high amount of oxygen which can combine with blood glucose or body fat to produce large amount of energy. This energy is necessary for muscles to perform these exercises. The only difference between jogging and running is intensity or speed. Running is faster, uses more calories (kilojoules) and demands more effort and energy from the muscles, heart and lungs than jogging. Running needs a higher level of physical fitness than jogging. 

Set your goal for jogging and running

Before starting jogging or running, goal setting is very much important which means that what you want to achieve from this exercise. These goals may include:

  • How to start: If you are a beginner and want to start jogging and running then you should start with sharp walk, then move to jogging and work up to running. This may take a few days to months.
  • Physical fitness:  For physical fitness mix jogging and running with other forms of exercise (such as cricket, football or swimming) that enhance your overall fitness.
  • Loss weight: For losing weight adjust your diet which includes plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, lean meat and low-fat dairy products. Avoid eating fatty foods, fast foods, too much sugar or soft drinks.
  • Competition: If you joined club for exercise than take part in the competitions which are offered by clubs for creating competitive environment. These kinds of competition can motivate you to do your best to achieve goals.

Choosing running and jogging shoes

Before starting jogging or running you should need to choose proper shoes.

  • Wear shoes which are well fitted and avoid wearing your old shoes or sneakers.
  • The running shoes are soft, comfortable, bend easily and have a shock-absorbing material in the heel.
  • You should buy professionally fitted shoes.

If you want to buy these comfortable and professionally fitted shoes then click on the following amazon button for price and purchasing method.

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