Water is important for overall health and fitness.


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Importance of Water

Most of us previously know and agree that there are many beneficial effects of drinking water on an empty stomach in the early morning. It is important for life because its benefits are indisputably healthy. All the body organs essentially require water to function properly. So, we can say that hydrated body performs its functions in a good manner. 

Dehydration occurs if you did not drink 2 to 3 litres of water. It means that your body has not enough fluid to work properly.

Advantages of drinking water on an empty stomach

The health benefits of drinking water in the morning are amazing. It has magical properties when it comes to your health. Drinking it on an empty stomach clears bowels, releases toxins from the body, makes hungry, produces more blood cells, prevents headache, speeds up metabolism, weight loss, gives glowing skin, increases energy and improve the immune state.

Clears your bowels

For detoxification and proper bowel movement, drinking plenty of water in the morning is very much necessary. Drinking it in empty stomach after getting up in the morning helps you to remove all the waste out of your body.

Moreover, adequate water consumption aids in regulating your bowels movement and also regulates your digestive tract functions.

If you are facing problem in passing stools then you should drink an adequate amount of water. First, when you drink an adequate amount you feel the need to pass stools. This means that your bowel movement gets regularized. When you pass stools every day early in the morning, your body is cleared of waste materials.

Water is highly significant for transporting nutrients in your body and removing toxins and waste from your body. Due to dehydration, your colon content can dry out and you feel difficulty in passing stool. This condition is called constipation. For avoiding constipation you should drink plenty of water daily because it can soften the stools and enhances the clearing of the bowels.

Releases of toxins from the body

Detox water is important for removing toxins and waste from your body.

For the proper functioning and repairing of your body cells continuously, your body consumes nutrients because they are the source of energy. When these nutrients are broken down they release energy and waste material in the form of carbon dioxide and urea. This released energy is used for cellular functions but waste materials can cause complication. That’s why these materials should be removed from your body. Fluid can remove these waste products by the process of urination, sweating or breathing.

In fact, water is significant for the urinary system. Kidneys are the basic unit of the urinary system and they required water for their proper functioning. Kidneys remove toxins and waste from your blood by filtration and it is totally dependent upon water. This toxic and waste material releases outside in the form of urine.

Helps in losing weight

Water helps you to lose weight because it can suppress your hunger. When you drink it more then it passes through the system so rapidly and stretches the stomach due to this you feel full.

Moreover, increasing water intake will increase the process of lipolysis. It is a process in which the body burns triglycerides or lipids for releasing energy during workout or exercise.

If you drink water in the early morning then it will help you to release toxins from your body which improves your digestive and urinary health, suppresses your appetite and managing your hunger. It can also improve your metabolism and enhancing the digestion process which helps you to lose weight. 

Prevents headache

When your body didn’t have the required amount of fluid in your body then dehydration occurs and causes headache which may be mild or severe such as migraine.

For proper functioning of the body, it needs the appropriate balance of electrolytes and fluids. Your body loses fluid continuously by the process of urinating and sweating. So, you should drink plenty of water and eat fluid rich foods for the proper functioning of your body.

Speeds up metabolism 

Drinking water decreases your calorie intake and temporarily boosts your metabolism. Researchers suggested that if you drink a half litre of cold water it will increase your metabolism (calories burning process) by 10 to 30 % for about an hour. 

Moreover, drinking hot water can also increase your metabolic rate by at least 24 percent. This means you digest and assimilates your food faster and end up losing some weight.

Gives you glowing skin

Fluid shows great effects on the skin. According to the researchers, blood flow in your body improves, if you drink half-litre water on an empty stomach. Improved blood flow in your body gives you glowing skin.

Drinking water in the morning on empty stomach improves your skin because it clears your body from toxins.

Most acne problems occur when your bowel movements are not clear. Once you have regular bowel movements, your body is detoxified leading to fewer outbreaks and acne.

Increases energy

Your body is composed of 60% of water so it is very crucial for you. You should drink enough water which can fulfil your body requirements. If you did not drink its required amount then you feel exhaustion, tiredness, tenderness and headaches. Moreover, dehydration can also influence your general health and fitness.

So, you should drink more water because it gives the energy to perform physical activities such as exercise, workout and sports activities. According to researchers dehydration depresses your athletic performance, makes you lazy and tired due to which you feel sleepy. If you sleep well about 7 to 8 hours but didn’t get rid of tiredness then you should increase your water intake.

Improve your immune system

Water is very important for balancing the specific amount of fluids in your body. Your immunity to infections increases when you drink water on an empty stomach every day.

Water is considered a natural immune booster for improving overall health and fitness. It provides infinite benefits to your immune system i.e. it can carry oxygen to all parts of your body and cells for their proper working. Fluid also removes toxins and waste materials from your body. So drinking more water prevents the accumulation of toxins and waste materials because they have adverse effects on the immune system.

Moreover, you can also boost your immune system by drinking lemon juice. Lemon contains vitamin C which is a natural immune booster and prevents you from many diseases. Lemon juice also improves the process of detoxification and digestive health.


Water is very much important for overall health and fitness. It is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. The hydrated body performs its function in a good way than a dehydrated body. You should drink water and eat fluid rich food because the optimum fluid in your body improves your bowel movement, releases toxins from the body, helps in losing weight, prevents headache, speeds up metabolism, gives you glowing skin, increases energy and improve your immune system.

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