What are Health and Fitness? How to improve them?


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Health and Fitness

Being healthy means that you should be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. In fact, good health and fitness are great mercy of Allah Almighty. Everyone is seeking for good health and fitness because these are the midpoint of your life and entire life is dependent on it. Therefore, a healthy person can enjoy all the aspects of life with confidence, love and perfection by performing his duties happily in a well-mannered way. Health and fitness are the key element for perfection in life, without it you have nothing.  For enjoying good health you should eat well, follow a proper diet plan, be active and exercise more.

About 60% of the world population faces health issues due to their inactive or moderately active lifestyle. These figures are increases day by day in the young generation due to technological advancement in every field which makes them lazy in doing physical work. One of the major factors of health problem is improper and unhealthy diet including junk foods, beverages and overeating. If you want to enjoy a healthy life you should adopt an active lifestyle, eat good, take proper nutrition, avoid junk foods and more exercise.

Physical health

Physical health is related to the alertness, quickness and capability of a body to perform their work without nervous exhaustion or fatigue. In fact, a physically healthy and fit person should have cardiac reliability, muscular resilience, attentiveness, strength and stamina.  For physical health, you should perform physical activity regularly. Regular physical activity can make every person fit irrespective of their age and abilities. Regular walk, jogging, running or simple exercises will make you fit and healthy. Undoubtedly, simple aerobic exercises will make your brain healthy, manage your body weight, give strength to your muscles and bones, protect you from diseases and advances your routine actions.  For more detail about physical fitness read the following article.

Mental health

Mental health is always associated with physical health because the risk of mental health problem increases if your physical health is not good. In the same way, physical health is also affected by poor mental health. So, it is rightly said that a healthy body has a healthy mind.

Moreover, mental health helps you to regulate your thinking, feeling, and acting and stress handling. In fact, it is essential at all the stages of life from infant and puberty over adulthood. Your mood, behaviour and thinking will be affected if you face mental health problems. The main factors which contribute towards mental health problems include stress, trauma and abuse, inherited or family history of mental health problems. Additionally, shock or stress leads to increase risk of paralysis, respiratory disorder and cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and cardiac arrest. Proper medication, self-care, exercise, proper diet, reducing alcohol consumption and avoid smoking will help you to improve mental health as well as physical health.

Emotional health

With physical and mental health, emotional is also significant for overall health because it allows you to control your mood, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and sentiments.  Being emotionally healthy means that you are conscious of your emotions (negative or positive) and knows how to deals with them. Every person feels anger, stress, sadness, happiness or excitement but emotionally healthy people knows how to manage these feelings. In fact, emotional health is a skill or capability of a person to control their feelings against change or challenges.

Emotional health has a direct influence on mental health. If you are emotionally disturbed then you also face many mental health problems. For improving emotional health you should follow the following tips.

  • Know about your emotions.
  • Try to manage stress.
  • Not take action immediately without thinking.
  • Show your feelings in proper ways.
  • Focus on positive things in your life.
  • Manage your time for rest, work and exercise.
  • Do physical activity regularly.
  • Sleep well.
  • Forgive yourself and others for their mistakes.

Importance of Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are very much important for everyone because a fit and healthy person is able to live life without significant physical, mental or emotional problems. Therefore, we can say that healthy lifestyles advance your emotional strength, physical appearance, conserving happy moods, the ability to organize activities in a far better way, which permits you to spend a stress-free life, greater vitality, etc.

One of the major thing which can boost your health and fitness is a healthy diet. The food you eat contains nutrients which your body needs. If your diet is not good than you didn’t get proper nutrients and your health and fitness levels are low. Due to these lower conditions, you can be suspected of many diseases. That’s why health and nutritional specialists generally say that we become what we eat.

Importance of Physical health and fitness

Physical health is necessary for maintaining body weight and increasing muscles strength and stamina. A physical fit person has a relaxed mental state and performs his duties in a good manner. If you have both physical and mental health then you can face ups and downs in your life strongly and you become resistant to extreme changes if they occur. You will become physically fit if you have an active lifestyle and perform exercise daily. In fact, physical fitness is necessary for every age group including children, youngsters and adults. Therefore, physical health has a great impact on human life which is given as follow.

Physical activity can

  1. Maintain and promotes good health and advances in quality life.
  2. Makes you active
  3. Reduce your body fat
  4. Lower your cholesterol and triglyceride level in blood.
  5. Enhance good cholesterol level in blood.
  6. Reduce anger, stress, depression and anxiety.
  7. Boost your muscles strength, stamina and body functions.
  8. Makes your bones healthy and reduces the chances of bone diseases.
  9. Reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease like heart attack and stroke
  10. Maintain your blood pressure.
  11. Enhance blood circulation in your body.
  12. Enhance your outlook and develop a positive attitude.

Importance of Mental health and fitness

The vital part of your life which can control your emotions, thoughts and behaviours is mental health. If you are mentally healthy and strong then your interest, efficiency and productivity in your work are very good. With strong mental and emotional health, you can face and maintain every change in your life either which is positive or negative.

Mental health is basically the physical sickness of the brain that creates conflicts in behaviour, thinking, energy and emotions. Researcher shows that mental illness may be inherited or due to change in brain structure and chemistry. It also occurs due to shock, stress or any other conditions like cardiovascular disease. For overall health, mental and physical health both is very much important. Depression and stress can increase the chances of many physical health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. These problems also cause mental illness if their effects are long-lasting. According to researchers, 13% of children, 46% of youngsters and 19% of the adult population are affected by mental illness per year. May be effected people are in your family or friends. If mental illness left untreated then it causes many serious effects like intensive stress or depression which can increase the risk of suicide.

Mental health can:

  1. Handle anger, stress and depression in life.
  2. Boost your interest in your work.
  3. Improve your efficiency and productivity.
  4. Improve your physical and mental health.
  5. Reduce the chances of strokes, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and heart attack.
  6. Improves your thoughts.
  7. Increase positivity and diminished negativity.

Importance of Emotional health

For facing challenges, difficulties and sufferings in their life emotional health are very much important because, it help us to handle these situations wisely. People who are socially interacted with others have better emotional health because social interaction can reduces stress and suffering.

Emotional health is necessary for physical and mental health. If your emotional health is not good then you can’t maintain physical or mental health.

Emotional health:

  1. Creates self-consciousness.
  2. Enables people to handle harsh or negative situations wisely.
  3. Enhance patience and reduce anger.
  4. Manage stress.
  5. Associated with self-care.
  6. Improves situation managing skills.
  7. Improves thinking ability to face difficulties.
  8. Creates integrity and kindness.
  9. Improves social interaction.
  10. Help you to understand the meaning and goal of life. 

Ways to improve health and fitness

Health and fitness are very much important for maintaining and enjoying successful and healthy life. There are many ways by which you can improve your health and fitness. These ways are given as:

1. Exercise

Physical activity like exercise is very necessary for keeping yourself fit and healthy. You should perform exercise daily at least for 30 minutes. It can help you to maintain your body weight, improve your health conditions and boost your sex life.

Exercise can:

  1. Control your weight.
  2. Lower bad cholesterol level (LDL) and triglycerides.
  3. Improves good cholesterol (HDL) level.
  4. Prevent you from many diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes type 2, depression, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, etc.
  5. Improves your mood, confidence, self-esteem, makes you happy, relaxed and less worried.
  6. Enhance your energy level, muscles strength and stamina, circulatory and respiratory health.
  7. Improves your sexual life. Regular physical activity like exercise can boost your sex desire by increasing energy level and reduces chances of erectile dysfunction.
  8. Recovers your sleeping time. Six to eight hours sleeping is very essential for recovering stresses of the day and boost your health and fitness.

Exercise like walking, jogging, gym workout, sports etc. will increase your interaction with other people and enhance your social life which keeps you happy and positive. For more information about a physical activity like walking, jogging and running read the following article.

2. Proper and Balance Diet

Healthy and proper diet is essential for improving and maintaining health and fitness. If you eat unhealthy food then don’t think to maintain health and fitness. Diet has a significant impact on your body health and fitness. It provides you with proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Exercise with a proper and balanced diet will make your body healthy and fit.

You should also track your calories intake and don’t exceed the required amount. For maintaining bodyweight you should take 2500 calories (for male) or 2000 calories (for female). If you want to lose your weight then takes 1400-2000 calories (for male) or 1000-1500 calories (for female). Don’t reduce the calories intake from 1000 calories because it will affect your muscles strength, stamina, reduce metabolic functions and activeness.

 Proper diet and its advantages are given as:

  1. Proper diet can make your stomach healthy.
  2. You should eat fruits and vegetables because these provide essential nutrients, vitamins and fibers which make your digestive system healthy and controls your body weight.
  3. Chicken, fish, meat, beans and lentils are a good source of protein which is essential for the development and growth of your body mass.
  4. Healthy diet maintains your cholesterol level and reduces triglycerides in your blood.
  5. Proper diet with exercise can reduce the chances of many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, strokes, and digestive problems like stomach ulcer, abdominal pain and piles.
  6. Improves your sleeping time.
  7. Proper diet helps you to reduce your extra body fat and give you proper shape.
  8. It also improves your sexual health including libido, sperm and eggs quality, erectile dysfunction etc.

For more information about diet and nutrients read the following article.

3. Get 6 to 8 hours sleep

Six to eight-hour sleep is very necessary for being healthy and fit because during sleeping body generates growth hormones which help in growth during early age and produce lean muscles mass during older age. Growth hormones also help the body to repair muscles after hard work-out. During sleep, your body has enough time to conserve energy, recover and repair the effected muscles during all the day or workout.

4. Positive attitude

A positive attitude is necessary for maintaining health and fitness. Researchers said that healthy and physically fit person makes a positive attitude as an integral part of their lifestyle. It also seems that a positive attitude can improve the quality of life because it makes people think positive about health benefits and try to achieve them. These people are also conscious of their diet and calories intake. They eat a healthy diet and avoid eating junk foods like pizzas, burgers and beverages. They also know about the health dangers of alcohol and smoking.

These people have an enthusiastic approach i.e. they feel that everything will be good which are connected with health benefits like better cholesterol and triglyceride level, enhance their immune system and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

So, we can say that positivity in everything is necessary for better physical, mental, and emotional health.


Health and fitness is the great mercy of Allah Almighty because without them we have nothing. It is rightly said that health is wealth. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit because these are the midpoint of life and whole life is dependent on it. Being healthy means that you should be physical, mentally and emotionally fit. For health and fitness, you should adopt an active lifestyle, healthy diet plan with proper nutrition, avoid junk foods and more workout. Physical health, mental health and emotional health all are related to each other. If you are suffering from mental health then it influences your physical and emotional health.

Physical health means the attentiveness, quickness and aptitude of a body to perform their efforts without fatigue or nervous exhaustion. Mental health supports your mind to regulate the feeling, thinking and stress handling. It is vital at all the phases of life from child and adolescence over adulthood. Emotional health permits you to regulate your mood, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and sentiments.  Actually, emotional health means that you are sensible about your emotions (which may be negative or positive) and sees how to deals with them.

For health and fitness, you should adopt proper exercise at least 30 minutes a day, proper diet plan with optimum calories intake, get 6 to 8 hours sleep and always stay positive in your daily life.

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